Bird Risky

by Jangula

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released April 25, 2010



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Jangula New York, New York

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Track Name: Genji Glove
The red bandanna, throat clasped
Grasp the meaning, fleeting reasoning
Of the latest charming lady of the fall season
Honor replaced with primal urges
Lurking, laying in wait
For some sure sign that dashing lady will reciprocate

But at home, my outfit's waiting for me
My smokes is all laid out
And everything is where it should be
At home, the Baron barely has time to undress
Because pressing matter have been called to his attention
And I say to myself with marked apprehension
Why must I hump these people just like me?

Looking for lust
It's getting late and I'm all dressed up, but
enough is enough is enough is enough is enough
I'm looking so fine, someone must want to take me home
But all we do is sit and stare

Come on just let is be known

Well I guess the answer lies in wait in heaven above
Because tonight it's me, and my Genji Glove

She's waiting somewhere, you'll see
My top gear's waiting for me
Track Name: Pachinko
The travel agent's in love with the coast guard
She's heading home on the edge of a postcard
The ones that knew her, called her Maxy
She only made love in the back of a taxi
Ninety two dollars on a coat of paint
Looking for love on a well lit stage
Where the jack of diamonds charmed the queen of spades
And the king of hearts hasn't slept for days

He left New York on a southbound freight train
Found a sixpence piece in the pouring rain
The needle-like train on a patchwork farm
The needle still stuck in a patched up arm
Hiroshima baseball, soccer mom
Riding on an eight-ball into dawn
The cricket-like clocks in the nick of time
Fire in the hole of a storyline

The center of the world is a TV set

She's Mona Lisa shy
And she's looking at me through half closed eyes
I know the way to her apartment

Every TV set is the center of the world
Track Name: Lesser Masks
The language of sentiment
Is shallow with consonants
My heartbeat is constant
With or without responses

She folds her hands
As if to pray
But feels herself
Crumble under the weight

There are some things that will stay with you
And when you're lying on your back they will come to you

Crossing Catholic limits
Lovers paying penance
And hot nights of passion
Are a young man's menace

There are some things that will stay with you
And when you're lying on your back they will come to you

Mirror kissers in a window pane
Writing messages I can't explain

Lesser masks